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November 26 2015

Nice of you to debunk it do politely, but that post is two years old...

November 25 2015

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I am what I hate most in the world

i identify so strongly with this expression

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yall put master splinter back in them sewers 

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The disciplining of children’s voices is gendered. I found that girls were told to be quiet or to repeat a request in a quieter,
‘nicer’ voice about three times more often than were boys (see Table 3). This finding is particularly interesting because boys’ play
was frequently much noisier. However, when boys were noisy, they were also often doing other behaviors the teacher did not allow, and perhaps the teachers focused less on voice because they were more concerned with stopping behaviors like throwing or running.
Additionally, when boys were told to ‘quiet down’ they were told in large groups, rarely as individuals. […] Girls as individuals and in groups were frequently told to lower their voices… The girls learn that their bodies are supposed to be quiet, small, and physically constrained.
— Karin A Martin, from Becoming a Gendered Body (1998)
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November 24 2015

Barely a foul
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Die Welt: Innenminister de Maizière sagte in einer Diskussionsrunde auf dem IT-Gipfel zu Frank Rieger vom Chaos Computer Club (CCC) für den Fall einer großen IT-Krise: "Da bräuchte ich mal von Ihnen eine Krisennummer." Was halten Sie davon, dass die Regierung plötzlich die Unterstützung einer Hacker-Organisation haben möchte?

Urbach: Als CCC-Mitglied finde ich es lustig, dass uns de Maizière um Hilfe fragt. Er steht gegen alles, wofür der CCC steht wie die Ablehnung der Vorratsdatenspeicherung und Überwachung. Das zeigt, wie verzweifelt er ist und dass es am technischen Sachverstand in den Behörden fehlt. Vor Jahren galten wir noch als terroristische Vereinigung und gründeten uns zum Schutz davor als Verein! Nur wenn es brennt, dann braucht man uns. Das geht so nicht.

Stephan Urbach erklärt, wie Hacker gegen den IS kämpfen - DIE WELT
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Hmmm. I don't exactly like Erdogan's politics, but that case stinks and the quote was from a poem. He did not quote the WHOLE thing, which is kinda the point. But don't make it out like he invented that...

"The legal case against Erdoˇgan was initiated because of a speech he had delivered
on 6 December 1997 at a Refah-organized meeting in the city of Siirt, in southeastern
Turkey, where Kurds form a significant part of the population.68 The location and timing
of the speech made the Turkish authorities particularly sensitive to its content. The local
prosecutor found the two lines of poetry with which Erdoˇgan had begun his speech
objectionable. Taken from a poem by the famous Turkish poet and one of the intellectual
fathers of Turkish nationalism, Ziya G¨okalp (1876–1924), the lines in question are part
of a fictional dialogue between the Emperor Romanus IV Diogenes (r. 1068–71) and the
Selcuk Sultan Alparslan. In the first part of the poem, the Byzantine emperor declares,
“I will burn the Koran, I will burn the Kaba; Those coming from the East will not see
domes with minarets.” In his speech, Erdoˇgan did not refer to the threat made by the
emperor, but he went on to recite the sultan’s response: “minarets are bayonets, domes
helmets; mosques are our barracks, and the believers are soldiers.” The rest of the speech
was a typical political speech, in which Erdoˇgan pointed to his achievements as the
mayor and the unfairness of criticisms directed against him, and mildly complained
about Turkey’s strict secularism and the restrictions put on public displays of religious
A Tale of Two Mayors 267
On 9 December 1997, the local prosecutor of the Republic filed charges against
Erdoˇgan in Diyarbakir’s State Security Court. The prosecution argued that the context in
which the poem was used constituted a threat to the secular state and its institutions and
was prosecutable under Article 312 of Turkish Penal Code, which prohibits “inciting
people to hatred based on religion or race.” In court, Erdoˇgan argued not only that the
words were not aimed at inciting people to hatred, but that the poem belonged to one
of Turkey’s most important political thinkers and literary figures. He also noted that
neither G¨okalp nor the poem in question was banned, and that the poem was included
in textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education. Erdoˇgan’s defense team also found
the lawsuit in violation of the Turkish constitution and the rulings of the European Court
of Human Rights."

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Out of context gifs from old children’s tv shows really are the best. 

And my personal favorite

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Die meisten Aktivisten sind ähnlich ausgebrannt wie ich. Wir haben lange genug Raubbau an uns selbst getrieben. ... Man muss sich zeitliche Rückzugsräume nehmen. Es lohnt sich nicht, das eigene Leben für die Weltverbesserung aufzugeben. Man braucht soziale Kontakte außerhalb der Szene, um auf Dauer effektiv arbeiten zu können.
Stephan Urbach in der Welt  (
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Abusive parents can say “I love you”

Abusive parents can give their kids an allowance, gifts, toys and nice things sometimes.

Abusive parents can seem like parent of the year to outsiders.

Abusive parents can defend their children from outside threats and get them in all the best schools and programs and deal with school bullies.

Abusive parents are still abusive, regardless of the things they get right or the nice things they sometimes do.

whoever wrote this evidently had an idyllic, sheltered, childhood…

The person who wrote this had dishes thrown at them by the same person who said ‘I love you’ and tucked them into bed sometimes.

The person who wrote this would be severely punished and hit for being home even one minute late by the same person who threatened to call the cops on the two girls who bullied them relentlessly.

The person who wrote this was told over an over again by everyone that their mother was ‘incredible’ and ‘awesome’ by every one of their friends growing up despite being denied food to eat.

The person who wrote this got presents on their birthday and on holidays and had an allowance and was threatened with have everything they owned destroyed or have their pets killed on a regular basis by a parent.

The person who wrote this was called ‘stupid’, ‘retarded’, and ‘a useless idiot’ every time they couldn’t understand something by the same person who said they were ‘very smart’ and ‘had potential’.

The person who wrote this did not have an idyllic, sheltered childhood and spent years questioning if having dishes thrown at their head was actually abusive because that same person said ‘I love you’.

The person who wrote this is pretty pissed off that you would tell an abuse survivor that they had an idyllic childhood and assume there was no abuse just because the abuser was really good at making them question whether they were really abused or not, or that somehow saying ‘I love you’ made the abuse go away.

The person who wrote this literally has a personality disorder as a direct result of their parent who sometimes said I love you and got their bully’s in middle school dealt with abusing them.

But you’re right. How dare I point out that this is something ACTUAL abusers have ACTUALLY done.

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